Wednesday September 10th Full Moon Purification Lodge

north lodge

Bring in a full harvest from all of your summer intentions through alignment with the energy of the Full Moon.

Harvest your intentions from SunDance, Summer Solstice and the renewal of Summer Rains.

  • We will connect with all the powers and energies of the north, such as:
  • being receptive to our intent and coordination,
  • focus and clarity, sifting through our summer harvest,
  • receptive connection to our totem animals and how they show us our naturalness,
  • connect to deeper with the wind element  and receptivity and flexibility of the mind


Join us Wednesday September 10th

First time Sweaters arrive at 6pm for orientation

          Circle gathering time 7pm

RSVP TO Warrior Spirit Lodge at

Tuesday June 3rd Journey to the Lower World.

Warrior Spirit Lodge Presents a Ceremonial Experience to find and connect to your Totem Animals.

In the distant past there was no separation between man and animals.

Your totem animals connect and guide you with the animal’s wisdom.

How does your totem animal teach you about your naturalness, harmony and balance?

Join us Tuesday June 3rd and find out….

Journey to the Lower World


RSVP TO Warrior Spirit Lodge at

Location: RPC

Time 7pm to 9pm

*For apprentices of the SMSD path, the Journey to the Lower World is a Second Gateway ceremony.

Friday May 30th Shamanic De-armoring Preview

Freedom by sculptor Zenos Frudakais

Freedom by sculptor Zenos Frudakais

Join us for an informative evening about
Shamanic De-armoring with
 Kristin Viken

Friday evening May 30th
from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

This is a free introductory evening to share about the deep transformative quality and power of the Shamanic De-armoring process. 

You are invited to join us and bring your friends and family and those you feel would benefit from the Shamanic De-armoring process.  This is a great opportunity to meet Kristin and gather together for an evening to celebrate and share the opportunity of De-armoring. 

We will Preview:
Shamanic De-armoring
October 12th to October 26th

For more information or to RSVP and get directions to the event, please email Krishelle:

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Shamanic De-armoring: Shamanic De-armoring is an intense healing process that transforms the cellular imprinting of past pain tapes held within your body. It frees your life force energy and inspires greater health, hope and happiness. This modernized shamanic technique and ceremony restore your full presence and connection to your natural self.

Participants have shared the following after they have completed the Shamanic De-armoring:

“I cannot recommend this ceremony enough! I am in touch with a deeper self-love, my energy has increased and my purpose has been fortified beyond measure.”  Kevin – Psychotherapist, USA   

“After menopause, my life seemed as if it was shutting down. De-armoring opened up my life to new possibilities.”  Sherry – Dietitian, USA 

“The entire process helped me to see how to better celebrate myself; I have experienced true and objective changes in my thoughts, experiences and behaviors.”  Dan – Psychologist, USA 

“My body is more natural and free. I can breathe more deeply and fully. I am happy I let go of old, unnecessary energies that I had been holding for a very long time. I have opened a space for the new!”  RW, USA

Visit the website:

Wednesday May 14th Full Moon Purification Lodge

metamorphosis-of-butterflies copy

Feel a change coming on?  Join the Warrior Spirit Lodge as we cleanse, heal and transform with a Purification Lodge Ceremony Wednesday May 14 at 7pm.

First time?  Arrive at 6pm for mandatory Orientation.

RSVP required for all participants—email

Tuesday May 6th Forgiveness Flowering Tree


Buddha-under-the-bodhi-tree-2 copy

Dear Fellow Seekers-

Join the Warrior Spirit Lodge for a Forgiveness Flowering Tree Ceremony on Tuesday May 6 @ 6:30pm.  In this ceremony we will reflect on our lives and those areas where we are still holding on to grudges, blame, past hurts and failings.   Forgiveness begins with ourselves! – come free up some space inside yourself!

NOTE-  Please notice the EARLY start time, 6:30pm –  RSVP REQUIRED – When you RSVP you will be sent specific instructions for the evenings experience.



Wednesday April 16 Full Moon Purification Lodge

Free your spirit!  Join the Warrior Spirit Lodge as we cleanse, heal and renew with a Purification Lodge Ceremony Wednesday April 16 @ 7pm.

First time?  Arrive at 6pm for required Orientation.

RSVP required for all participants—email

Monday March 17th Full Moon Purification Lodge

Full Moon Community Purification Lodge with Sara Regester
Monday, March 17 at 7pm in North Scottsdale

Warrior Spirit Lodge LogoCome join us in ceremony for the completion of this moon phase as the moon comes into its fullness. We are gathering at 6pm for orientation for the first time folks and the experienced folks will gather at 7pm at the Sweet Medicine Shoppe.

As this is St. Patrick’s Day, you are welcome to wear your green “whatever” into the lodge if you dare! We will also explore the relationship to St. Patrick with the Snake and work with snake energies in our intending as we experience the WEST energies for this Lodge.

First timers must arrive at 6:00pm for required orientation.
Medicine gifts and heart donation exchange.

>>What To Bring (under purification lodge schedule)

>>RSVP Now 

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