Wednesday January 14th, Balanced Choreography Wheel and Mesa Working

Balanced Choreography Wheel and Mesa Working

How will elemental balance support you to walk your intent for 2015 out into your life?

What are the secrets for gaining access to the Huaquas? Happiness, Health, Humor, Hope and Harmony

Take these teachings into a Mesa Working to integrate the elements into your choreography to balance with your approach to life.


Date: Wednesday January 14th

Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: $10 donation

Place: Rainbow Powers Center West room


Shamanic Teachings for a New World


Tuesday January 6th, Full Moon Purification Lodge

Full Moon Owl

First time particiapnts arrive at 6:15pm for orientation

          Circle gathering at 7pm

RSVP required by ALL participants –Warrior Spirit Lodge at

Tuesday December 16th. Internal Bonding of the Shields, with Janneke Koole

Mayan deck

This is a date correction. This class will be held on Tuesday December 16th,

NOT Friday night!


Join us as we deepen our understanding of the “Internal Bonding of the Shields” contracts.

We will examine the structure of this form that accompanies each person’s Book of Life Reading and then plot our personal and individual dharma movement.  This configuration of our Book of Life offers us a dynamic view, a way to “dance” with our Book of Life in the process of living in our everyday experience.

The elements, shields and the wheel or circle of life offers the keys to creating a productive pattern in dharma.

Bring your current Book of Life Reading and come learn how to “dance” in dharma!

 The time will be 7-8:30pm…and class fee is same, $10.


Tuesday November 11th Drumming, Singing and Community

We are very pleased to have Razel and Micah lead us in an hour of Drumming and Singing!
Tuesday, November 11 
Circle gathering time 7pm
This is a fun, energizing evening so come and fine-tune your songs. Whether you are an experienced drummer and singer or have never sang/drummed before, all are welcome and encouraged to attend this community event!

RSVP TO Warrior Spirit Lodge at

Thursday November 6th Full Moon Purification Lodge

WSL East Image

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” – George Washington Carver

Come Fuel your Passion and Flush out your Vision to connect to your East Intending.

First time Particiapnts arrive at 6pm for orientation

          Circle gathering time 7pm

RSVP TO Warrior Spirit Lodge at

Wednesday October 8th Full Moon Purification Lodge


If you’ve been feeling a strong urge to howl lately, there’s a reason why: A full “blood moon” is coming the same night as our Full Moon Purification Lodge.

We will be connecting to the powers and energies of the WEST.

Physical Body

Relationships, and bonding

Work and business, how we make our money

Power and Strength

First time Particiapnts arrive at 6pm for orientation

          Circle gathering time 7pm

RSVP TO Warrior Spirit Lodge at

Wednesday October 1st – Warrior’s Attributes

Pearl of Peace

“Warrior” has been a term of honor for millennium, for warriors are the ones who both protect life and forge the way to express new potentials. Warrior’s Attributes, when they are developed as qualities within us, help us to develop and refine our own character, find solutions to the challenges we meet in our lives, and walk our talk with integrity.

In this class, we will…

Investigate what the Warriors Attributes are
Explore how we carry these qualities within us.
Imagine how using the Warriors Attributes can assist us in finding solutions to every day issues.
Come be part of this lively discussion as we direct our focused intent to become Balanced Sacred Humans. Rejuvenate from this interactive evening and take home exciting knowledge that works!

Gathering at 7pm at the Rainbow Powers Center

Donation of $10

RSVP to or on our Facebook Event.