Tues Feb 22: Be In Charge of Your Own Life!

Our first Winter Apprentice Night is this Tuesday Feb 22 at 7pm.

Come join Janneke Koole and Warrior Spirit Lodge as she speaks about Being In Charge of Your Own Life Through Conscious Contractual Assembly

Conscious Contractual Assembly is one of the most powerful tools of our SMSD Path. Through the simple invocation of contracts, our internal resources are brought into a focused intent. This harnesses our will, our spiritual determination, and clears the path to our self-actualization.

These days it is very easy to be distracted by the many opportunities and disturbed by the many pressures of life. When under stress, we revert to the old defense structures and patterns that have worked for us before. However, they don’t work very well today!

Come to this class to learn concrete and straightforward steps to take that will bring you back into balance and ready for positive action.

Janneke Laughing Willow is a qualified Sweet Medicine SunDance teacher and teaches in Europe, Canada and the United States.  She continues her practice as a Counselor and Art Therapist.

One of her “favorite things” is the application of the Wheels and Keys into creative expressions, tools for empowerment in all relations and keys for personal self-growth.  She is the author of “Jenny”, a children’s book about the Five Perceptions and “Journeys into the Mirror”, a journal for women.

Janneke brings contagious joy and simple directness to any group of seekers. Exchange is $20 or prepay $70 prepaid for the entire 2011 Apprentice Night series (4 classes held one per season). Each class stands alone and is open to the public.

RSVP today to attend!

Fri Feb 18: Full Moon Community Purification Lodge

Ready to purify, release and pray?

Join us for our February Full Moon Community Purification Lodge ceremony at 7pm in North Scottsdale. Bringing a friend? Please come 30 minutes prior to start time for mandatory introduction.

For more information and RSVP, click on our calendar.

Tues Feb 8 Class: 5 Movements of the Book of Life

This teaching is truly a roadmap that helps us in breaking out of our molded selves and resculpting into our true nature, our Sacred Image.

What do the five movements mean to you?

These five movements assist us in editing our Book of Life, allowing us insight and direction on how to manifest with true spiritual awareness our highest Self into presence and how to allow this to run congruently into different arenas related to our self development.

Classes are $10 and an interactive dialogue and experience. Please bring a notebook, pen and comfortable chair if needed. To learn more, join us Tues Feb 8 at 7pm. RSVP now to attend.

2011 – Bring It On!

Our 2011 class schedule is now posted!

Classes this year are every second Tuesday of the month at 7pm (except where noted on the calendar) in North Scottsdale. Class exchange is $10 and are an interactive dialogue and experience not to be missed.

Mark your calendars for Thursday Jan 20 7pm in North Scottsdale for a shining full moon purification lodge ceremony.  For more info visit our calendar and RSVP to attend.

Please note that due to a healing ceremony this Tues January 11, our regular class will not be held!

Dec 31 Purification Lodge: Bring In A Strong, Aligned New Year!


Join us at our year ending, 2011 new year boosting purification lodge in Phoenix! Gather with family and friends, lose the old and pray for the new.

After the ceremony, we will close the circle with fruit to make time to travel to your next destination safely.

When: 6pm, Fri December 31

Where: Phoenix – email for directions

RSVP to info@warriorspiritlodge.org

What To Bring:

  • 2 towels
  • drinking water
  • robe/sarong
  • tobacco gifts (i.e., natural, untreated tobacco such as American Spirit)
  • medicine gift* exchange for fire crew (4) and dance chief

Donations are appreciated to support the upkeep of the purification lodge.

* A medicine gift is a physical gift presented to a person to represent the heartfelt gratitude for the energy exchanged in a ceremony. A medicine gift may be beautiful, utilitarian, edible, or even a currency exchange. It should always reflect the heartfelt gratitude and beauty of giving and receiving.

Final Class of 2010: Keys for a Shamanic Warrior 

Our last class of 2010 is a review of any questions from this year’s teachings AND a look into SMSD path of knowledge. Time permitting, we will also explore the 5 movements of the Book of Life, Mistakes wheel, Perceptions wheel.

Come with your class or longhouse notes and questions for any of the teachings in the first three gateways.

Join us Thursday Dec 16 at 7pm in North Scottsdale. Classes are $10. Please bring a notebook, pen and comfortable seating if desired. RSVP to info@warriorspiritlodge.org

You can help make it a great class by emailing any definite questions to Alli at info@warriorspiritlodge.org by December 13.

Thursday Class: Moon Cycles of Life Experience – 3 of 3

Imagine an explanation for Life’s patterns and themes, and you will begin to understand the teaching of the Moon Cycles of Life Experience.

This Sweet Medicine teaching takes the basis of the Star Maiden circle and describes how each 3 year cycle of life has purpose and dimension that is seen again later in life. By understanding Life through this process, we can see how we came to made certain choices and commit to not repeating mistakes!

Join us Thursday Dec 2 at 7pm in North Scottsdale. Classes are $10. Please bring a notebook, pen and comfortable seating if desired. RSVP to info@warriorspiritlodge.org