Correction for Tues, July 5 @ 7pm Class!

sun sprialOops, pardon our stardust : ) We got a little ahead of ourselves with a post yesterday on the 7 Values of Everything as the class content for July 5.

In fact, this will be the class content beginning Tues, Aug 9 @ 7pm and will kick-off a new series in the coming months. We’ll have more info posted again after the July 15 purification lodge. Stay tuned and feel free to sign up for our RSS feed to have class and event posts automatically delivered to you via email.

Now on to the ACTUAL July 5 class!

Tues, July 5 @ 7pm in North Scottsdale


Complete your summer solstice with a bang! We ride on the energy wave of our collective’s solstice intent to find direction in this stream of Life.

Review & deepen this year’s teachings and ceremony on:
* 5 Movements of the Book of Life
* 7 Arrows of Intent
* 15 Faces of Wealth
* Abundance in Dharma mesa
* Wheel of Abundance

If you want to join in, missed a class or just want more…
Be a part of this very interactive night which will strengthen your knowledge and broaden your vision.

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Tues June 14: Wheel of Abundance Class & Purification Lodge

Sunset through tree of lifeAs we gear up for our summer solstice celebrations, join us for a special class on the Wheel of Abundance and accompanying Community Purification Lodge on Tues June 14 at 6pm at Sweet Medicine in North Scottsdale.

This is the third of three classes on wealth and abundance where we build on the 15 faces of wealth and last month’s abundance mesa working. We will be discussing this wheel from a 2008 Thunder Strikes teaching on how to walk with more perspective, balance and joy.

At 7pm, our gathering circle will join together  to prepare for our first of three summer purification lodges. We will include the class subject with our full moon and summer solstice intent for the ceremony.

No previous class participation is required. First time sweaters are requested to come at 5:30p. Need to know what to bring for the purification lodge? Click here.

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Tues May 10: 15 Faces of Wealth Part II

Join us at our next class Tues May 10 at 7pm in North Scottsdale on the 15 Faces of Wealth Part II. (If you couldn’t attend Part I, no worries…Part I is not a pre-requisite.)
Our intent is to build on the foundation of the core teachings and deepen the knowledge with a ceremonial experience.  This mesa working will allow us to apply the teachings and increase our knowledge to impact our abundance. You will leave class with a blessed and awakened abundance mesa.

What To Bring:

  • Five small items that symbolize wealth for each of our 5 aspects: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, sexual
  • A mesa cloth for personal mesa large enough to hold those items
  • 8 stone medicine wheel is optional (all items will be B&Aed)
  • 4 elements and containers
  • Notes from last class if attended (optional)

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Spring Apprentice Night: Tues Apr 26 @ 7PM

Join our next Apprentice Night led by Ina Laughing Winds as she explores The 7 to 9 Law of Differences in Female and Male Energy – the tools for the “light bulb to go off” and “ah ha” moments of understanding that help you unravel the mystery of how to be in relationship.

This class will engage you immediately, using the “integer difference” of ages; numbers being the language of the universe, to better understand what your challenges are, your perceptual differences and most importantly HOW to improve your relationships to have a more balanced, productive and joyful life.

We will close out the evening (if time permits) with The Triangles to Defeat Codependency. Have you ever felt like you were rescuing your partner? Were you the victim of circumstances? Have you been the person that got angry and exploded at your friend or lover?   These teachings lay the foundation for your Journey into recognizing what piece of the puzzle you are playing and how to step out of that old pattern  into Co-Empowerment.

Class Exchange is $20 in North Scottsdale.

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April Full Moon Purification Lodge: Fri Apr 15 @ 7pm

Full Moon Community Purification Lodge
It’s that time to gather in North Scottsdale to purify and pray in this West full moon purification lodge! First timers come 30 minutes early.

>>What To Bring

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Redefine Your Ideas of Wealth: Tues Apr 12 @ 7pm

The 15 Faces of Wealth

Think the cash in your wallet or bank account is the only reflection of your wealth? Join our WSL next class for a deeper look at the 15 Faces of Wealth and what the Elders tell us about prosperity in all aspects of our lives. Class exchange is $10 at the DTMMS Center.

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Tues Mar 8 Class: 7 Arrows & Conscious Choice

Do you realize that every moment, we have choice in how we will experience and respond to engagements?

Quite often our emotions or self concepts color our life experiences – whether it be positively, negatively or something in between.

But the reality is life can be more enjoyable and satisfying when we are at cause and take responsibility for our outlook on life.

This teaching on the 7 Arrows explains how to move from negative to positive thinking, then to empowering actions in a conscious moment.

To learn more, join us Tues Mar 8 at 7pm. Classes are $10 and an interactive dialogue and experience. Please bring a notebook, pen and comfortable chair if needed.  RSVP now to attend.