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Wednesday October 1st – Warrior’s Attributes

Pearl of Peace

“Warrior” has been a term of honor for millennium, for warriors are the ones who both protect life and forge the way to express new potentials. Warrior’s Attributes, when they are developed as qualities within us, help us to develop and refine our own character, find solutions to the challenges we meet in our lives, and walk our talk with integrity.

In this class, we will…

Investigate what the Warriors Attributes are
Explore how we carry these qualities within us.
Imagine how using the Warriors Attributes can assist us in finding solutions to every day issues.
Come be part of this lively discussion as we direct our focused intent to become Balanced Sacred Humans. Rejuvenate from this interactive evening and take home exciting knowledge that works!

Gathering at 7pm at the Rainbow Powers Center

Donation of $10

RSVP to or on our Facebook Event.

Friday May 30th Shamanic De-armoring Preview

Freedom by sculptor Zenos Frudakais

Freedom by sculptor Zenos Frudakais

Join us for an informative evening about
Shamanic De-armoring with
 Kristin Viken

Friday evening May 30th
from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

This is a free introductory evening to share about the deep transformative quality and power of the Shamanic De-armoring process. 

You are invited to join us and bring your friends and family and those you feel would benefit from the Shamanic De-armoring process.  This is a great opportunity to meet Kristin and gather together for an evening to celebrate and share the opportunity of De-armoring. 

We will Preview:
Shamanic De-armoring
October 12th to October 26th

For more information or to RSVP and get directions to the event, please email Krishelle:

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Shamanic De-armoring: Shamanic De-armoring is an intense healing process that transforms the cellular imprinting of past pain tapes held within your body. It frees your life force energy and inspires greater health, hope and happiness. This modernized shamanic technique and ceremony restore your full presence and connection to your natural self.

Participants have shared the following after they have completed the Shamanic De-armoring:

“I cannot recommend this ceremony enough! I am in touch with a deeper self-love, my energy has increased and my purpose has been fortified beyond measure.”  Kevin – Psychotherapist, USA   

“After menopause, my life seemed as if it was shutting down. De-armoring opened up my life to new possibilities.”  Sherry – Dietitian, USA 

“The entire process helped me to see how to better celebrate myself; I have experienced true and objective changes in my thoughts, experiences and behaviors.”  Dan – Psychologist, USA 

“My body is more natural and free. I can breathe more deeply and fully. I am happy I let go of old, unnecessary energies that I had been holding for a very long time. I have opened a space for the new!”  RW, USA

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