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Warrior Spirit Lodge 2018 Events

Warrior Spirit Lodge is ramping up for 2018! We will continue to offer New Moon and Full Moon Purification Lodges and Classes to bring our community together. We are super excites about our new offering of Seasonal Solstice and Equinox ceremonies for families and friends including dancing, feasting, a sharing of shining from the masculine to the feminine, mesa workings, and purification lodges! Please check our Calendar page and mark your calendars.

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Seven Arrow Teachings, Tues., 1/10/17

quiver_1280The Seven Arrows teaching is about how we are the Bow. The Quiver of Arrows is our choice of self-expression based upon our resource circle. The Target is ourselves, life and others. What arrows we shoot is determined by our attitude and approach to life. Join us to learn how to break the dark arrow choices of pain, to pick up the light arrows of pleasure, and to accept the Universe’s gift of the rainbow arrows.

Date: Tuesday, January 10th
Time: 7-9pm
Place: Rainbow Powers Center
Cost: $10
Taught by Aleks

Shamanic Wheels and Keys available for purchase (not required for class).

Using Your BOL for Balanced Choreography


Warrior Spirit Lodge presents :bol-nine-card
Using Your BOL for Balanced Choreography (
Book of Life Basics)

 Date: Tuesday November 8th
Time: 7-9pm
Place: Rainbow Powers Center
Cost: $10
Taught by Sara & Aleks

Conscious Assembly Workbook available for purchase


Bring your current Book of Life reading if you have one.

  • Learn how to use your elemental contracts to create Balanced Choreography
  • BOL and contracts are a tool to navigate in Dharma
  • BOL is a road map for the year that connects you to your higher self

Learn how to more consistently use your contracts in your day!

Monday July 18th Full Moon 10-Wheel Balancing with Crystal Doctoring

ChakrasWarrior Spirit Lodge is hosting

Full Moon 10-Wheel Balancing with Crystal Doctoring








•    Bring your doctoring tools if you want to practice your Crystal doctoring skills
•    Bring your shideh if you want some crystal doctoring done to rebalance your chakras and tune up your physical
•    Bring a sarong or robe to wear
•    Healing Team gish will also be available if you don’t have tools
•    $10 contribution for the space

Please RSVP:

Date: Monday July 18th
Time: 7-9pm
Location: RPC

Lead by: Sara Water Bear Regester
Phone: 602-363-5533 for questions

Thursday May 19th, East Full Moon Community Purification Lodge Ceremony

full moon in sagitariusEast Full Moon Purification Lodge Ceremony,
Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius

Join us for this East Full Moon Purification Lodge ceremony where we open to greater illumination and creativity in our lives fueled by greater passion and joy.

If you are planning to dance in our magickal arbor in June, this is also a great opportunity to dream in the power images for your shield.

DATE: Thursday May 19!

TIME: 6:00 for new sweaters
7:00pm for everyone else

WHERE: Usual (or contact Emily—see below)

BRING: Two towels
Sarong / Bathrobe / flip flops
Four Medicine Gifts (Heart Gifts*)
Four Tobacco Gifts* (loose tobacco in a snack bag)
Monetary donation for Lodge maintenance
Water to drink (no glass please)

*Heart gifts are an energy exchange & tobacco gifts establish a link to Great Spirit.

LEAD BY: Choshin Allan dance chief in training, with Alli Fire Star Rising as Stands Behind

CONTACT, RSVP, and More Info: Emily at

Tues May 17th, Ceremonial Dance Arbor Teachings

tree of life

Matt Lore, former Arbor Chief, will share with us many of the magical elements that form the container for our summer solstice ceremony. 

  • Arbor structure and process of building the structure
  • Elements within the Arbor
  • The powers and energies at play during the dance

DATE: Tuesday May 17th

TIME: 7-9pm

 RSVP to

QUESTIONS: Sara Water Bear Regester 602-363-5533

COST: $10

Monday April 11-Part 2 in the Series: Step-by-Step class: How to Feed Your Hungers


The key to Dharmic Living is pleasure, spontaneity and restoring

your life force energy.

Part II: Monday April 11th

Bring your worksheets from Part I

These classes are a hands-on working to identify, prioritize and feed

your hungers as part of your dharmic lifestyle. This process takes two

classes, so commit now to both!


Lead by Sara Water Bear Regester 602-363-5533

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $10/evening

If you missed Part I you may attend and get started on the two

part process. Preparation to participate starts before Part I:

Start gathering your list of a minimum of 36-40 things that feed your spirit,

awaken your heart, fill you with joy, pleasure and relaxation and/or inspire you.

These are the things you like to do, or experience and connect with:

 What makes you hum?

 What puts you in the zone?

 Nothing is too small or too insignificant.

 Build your list of anything that fills you with energy and bring it to the class

with you.

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