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2018 Classes and Seasonal Celebrations
Our 2018 classes are 7-9 pm.  Our seasonal celebrations are 7-10 pm, unless otherwise marked. Unless otherwise marked, exchange is $10. Classes are interactive. Please bring a notebook, pen, and water.

  • Tues Jan 23  Increasing our Self-Worth: How to Truly Love Ourselves
  • Mon Feb 5  Valentine’s Special: A Shamanic Approach to Healthy Relationships–lead by Ina Speaks Simply and Monte Stands in the Storm.  This class is $20.
  • Tues  Mar 20 Spring Equinox Ceremony, including a ceremony, community dance tribute to our sacred Mother Earth, and a potluck
  • Tues Apr 10  Balancing the Parts of Ourselves: The child within, the successful adult, the warrior/magician, the jumper, and the God/Goddess within
  • Tues May 8  Manifestation: How to manifest our heart’s desires in our everyday lives
  • Wed Jun 6  10 Steps of Dharma Intending: How to live freely and consciously create our destiny with Kristin Golden Ring Snake.  This class is $20.
  • Mon Jun 18 Summer Solstice Ceremony,  including a ceremony, sharing of shining from the men to the women, and a potluck
  • Tues Aug 14  Conscious Assembly: The Mayan Tarot and our Book of Life.
  • Sat Sep 22, 10:30 AM-1:30 PM. Fall Equinox Ceremony, including a ceremony, mesa working, and a potluck
  • Tues Oct 16  Keep Our Fires Burning: Feeding our Hungers to Fuel our Spiritual Evolution
  • Tues Nov 13  Controlled Dreaming with John Spinning Coyote.  This class is $20.
  • DATE CHANGE: Sunday Dec 23, 11 AM-2 PM.  Winter Solstice Ceremony, including a ceremony, mesa working, and a potluck

Please RSVP to attend!

2018  NEW MOON and FULL MOON Purification Lodge Ceremonies
We will gather at 7:00 pm for Ceremony. If you are a first time attendee or bringing a guest, please arrive at 6:00 pm for orientation.

RSVP to attend and for questions.

2018 New Moon 15 Faces of Wealth Purification Lodge Ceremonies

Wed Jan 17 – Health
Thurs Feb 15 – Happiness
Wed March 14 – Intangible Wealth
Mon April 16 – Tangible Wealth
Mon May 14 – Knowledge
Mon Sept 10 – Non-resistance to stress or change
Mon Oct 8 – Honest assessment and awareness of our economic reality
Wed Nov 7 – Guest Dance Chief Annetta Red Earth Woman
Tues Dec 4 – Debts

To be continued in 2019!

2018 Full Moon Purification Lodge Ceremonies

Tues Jan 30 – Let the Lion Inspire Our Shining
Tues Feb 27 –  Something to Crow About
Wed March 28 – Bring In Spring
Mon April 30 – Earth Day Celebrate our Home on Grandmother Earth
Tue May 29 – Bursting into Flower
Thurs Sept 27 – Harvesting Your Gains Fall Harvest
Thurs Oct 25 –  Hitting your Mark with the Full Hunter’s Moon
Fri Nov 23 – Thanksgiving Time Full Beaver Moon
Fri Dec 21 – Celebrating the Winter Solstice with Full Long Nights Moon

What To Bring For Purification Lodges:

  • 2 towels
  • drinking water
  • robe/sarong/slip off shoes or sandals
  • 4 tobacco gifts (i.e., natural, untreated tobacco such as American Spirit), can be a prayer tie.
  • 4 medicine gifts* for fire crew and dance chief

Donations are appreciated for support the purification lodges.

* A medicine gift is a physical gift presented to a person to represent the heartfelt gratitude for the energy exchanged in a ceremony. A medicine gift may be beautiful, utilitarian, edible, or even a currency exchange. It should always reflect the heartfelt gratitude and beauty of giving and receiving.

To RSVP Or For More Information E-Mail:

Find about more Deer Tribe events in Arizona here.

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