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2017 Class and Ceremonial Weekend Schedule
Our 2017 classes are scheduled once a month at 7pm at the Rainbow Power Center. Class exchange is $10. Classes are an interactive dialogue and experience. Please bring a notebook, pen, water and comfortable chair if needed.


  • TuesdaySeptember – no class
  • Tuesday – October 24th at 7pm
  • TuesdayNovember 7th at 7pm
  • TuesdayDecember 19th at 7pm

Please RSVP to attend!

2017 and 2018  NEW MOON and FULL MOON Purification Lodge Ceremonies
We will gather at 7:00 pm for Ceremony. If you are a first time attendee or bringing a guest, please arrive at 6:00 pm for orientation.

RSVP to attend and for questions.


  • Friday – September 8th  Full Moon
  • Friday – September 22nd New Moon
  • Friday – October 6th         Full Moon
  • Friday – October 20th       New Moon
  • Friday – November 3rd     Full Moon
  • Friday – November 17th   New Moon
  • Friday – December 1st       Full Moon
  • Friday – December 15th    New Moon

Monday – January 1st, in the afternoon, with potluck to follow.

What To Bring For Purification Lodges:

  • 2 towels
  • drinking water
  • robe/sarong
  • tobacco gifts (i.e., natural, untreated tobacco such as American Spirit)
  • medicine gift* exchange for fire crew and dance chief

Donations are appreciated for support the purification lodges.

* A medicine gift is a physical gift presented to a person to represent the heartfelt gratitude for the energy exchanged in a ceremony. A medicine gift may be beautiful, utilitarian, edible, or even a currency exchange. It should always reflect the heartfelt gratitude and beauty of giving and receiving.

To RSVP Or For More Information E-Mail:

Find about more Deer Tribe events in Arizona here.

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