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2018 Classes and Seasonal Celebrations
Our 2018 classes are 7-9 pm.  Our seasonal celebrations are 7-10 pm, unless otherwise marked. Unless otherwise marked, exchange is $10. Classes are interactive. Please bring a notebook, pen, and water.

  • Tues Jan 23  Increasing our Self-Worth: How to Truly Love Ourselves
  • Mon Feb 5  Valentine’s Special: A Shamanic Approach to Healthy Relationships–lead by Ina Speaks Simply and Monte Stands in the Storm.  This class is $20.
  • Tues  Mar 20 Spring Equinox Ceremony, including a ceremony, community dance tribute to our sacred Mother Earth, and a potluck
  • Tues Apr 10  Balancing the Parts of Ourselves: The child within, the successful adult, the warrior/magician, the jumper, and the God/Goddess within
  • Tues May 8  Manifestation: How to manifest our heart’s desires in our everyday lives
  • Wed Jun 6  10 Steps of Dharma Intending: How to live freely and consciously create our destiny with Kristin Golden Ring Snake.  This class is $20.
  • Mon Jun 18 Summer Solstice Ceremony,  including a ceremony, community dance tribute to our sacred Mother Earth, and a potluck
  • Tues Aug 7  Conscious Assembly: The Mayan Tarot and our Book of Life.
  • Aug TBA, CPR Class
  • Sat Sep 22, 10:30 AM-1:30 PM. Fall Equinox Ceremony, including a ceremony, community dance tribute to our sacred Mother Earth, and a potluck
  • Tues Oct 16  Keep Our Fires Burning: Feeding our Hungers to Fuel our Spiritual Evolution
  • Tues Nov 13  Controlled Dreaming with John Spinning Coyote.  This class is $20.
  • Sat Dec 22, 10:30 AM-1:30 PM.  Winter Solstice Ceremony, including a  ceremony, mesa working and a potluck

Please RSVP to attend!

2018  NEW MOON and FULL MOON Purification Lodge Ceremonies
We will gather at 7:00 pm for Ceremony. If you are a first time attendee or bringing a guest, please arrive at 6:00 pm for orientation.

RSVP to attend and for questions.

2018 New Moon 15 Faces of Wealth Purification Lodge Ceremonies

Wed Jan 17 – Health
Thurs Feb 15 – Happiness
Wed March 14 – Intangible Wealth
Mon April 16 – Tangible Wealth
Mon May 14 – Knowledge
Mon Sept 10 – Non-resistance to stress or change
Mon Oct 8 – Honest assessment and awareness of our economic reality
Wed Nov 7 – Guest Dance Chief Annetta Red Earth Woman
Tues Dec 4 – Debts

To be continued in 2019!

2018 Full Moon Purification Lodge Ceremonies

Tues Jan 30
Tues Feb 27
Wed March 28
Mon April 30
Tue May 29
Thurs Sept 27
Thurs Oct 25
Fri Nov 23
Fri Dec 21

What To Bring For Purification Lodges:

  • 2 towels
  • drinking water
  • robe/sarong/slip off shoes or sandals
  • 4 tobacco gifts (i.e., natural, untreated tobacco such as American Spirit), can be a prayer tie.
  • 4 medicine gifts* for fire crew and dance chief

Donations are appreciated for support the purification lodges.

* A medicine gift is a physical gift presented to a person to represent the heartfelt gratitude for the energy exchanged in a ceremony. A medicine gift may be beautiful, utilitarian, edible, or even a currency exchange. It should always reflect the heartfelt gratitude and beauty of giving and receiving.

To RSVP Or For More Information E-Mail:

Find about more Deer Tribe events in Arizona here.

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