Thursday May 19th, East Full Moon Community Purification Lodge Ceremony

full moon in sagitariusEast Full Moon Purification Lodge Ceremony,
Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius

Join us for this East Full Moon Purification Lodge ceremony where we open to greater illumination and creativity in our lives fueled by greater passion and joy.

If you are planning to dance in our magickal arbor in June, this is also a great opportunity to dream in the power images for your shield.

DATE: Thursday May 19!

TIME: 6:00 for new sweaters
7:00pm for everyone else

WHERE: Usual (or contact Emily—see below)

BRING: Two towels
Sarong / Bathrobe / flip flops
Four Medicine Gifts (Heart Gifts*)
Four Tobacco Gifts* (loose tobacco in a snack bag)
Monetary donation for Lodge maintenance
Water to drink (no glass please)

*Heart gifts are an energy exchange & tobacco gifts establish a link to Great Spirit.

LEAD BY: Choshin Allan dance chief in training, with Alli Fire Star Rising as Stands Behind

CONTACT, RSVP, and More Info: Emily at

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