Monday April 11-Part 2 in the Series: Step-by-Step class: How to Feed Your Hungers


The key to Dharmic Living is pleasure, spontaneity and restoring

your life force energy.

Part II: Monday April 11th

Bring your worksheets from Part I

These classes are a hands-on working to identify, prioritize and feed

your hungers as part of your dharmic lifestyle. This process takes two

classes, so commit now to both!


Lead by Sara Water Bear Regester 602-363-5533

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $10/evening

If you missed Part I you may attend and get started on the two

part process. Preparation to participate starts before Part I:

Start gathering your list of a minimum of 36-40 things that feed your spirit,

awaken your heart, fill you with joy, pleasure and relaxation and/or inspire you.

These are the things you like to do, or experience and connect with:

 What makes you hum?

 What puts you in the zone?

 Nothing is too small or too insignificant.

 Build your list of anything that fills you with energy and bring it to the class

with you.

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