Tuesday March 15, 20-16 How to Feed Your Hungers

Warrior Spirit Lodge Presents a Two Part Series

Step-by-Step class: How to Feed Your Hungers

wsl hungers

The key to Dharmic Living is pleasure, spontaneity and restoring your life force energy.

Part I: Tuesday March 15th

Part II: Monday April 11th

These classes are a hands-on working to identify, prioritize and feed your hungers as part of your dharmic lifestyle. This process takes two classes, so commit now to both!

RSVP to info@warriorspiritlodge.org

Lead by Sara Water Bear Regester 602-363-5533

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $10/evening

Preparation to participate starts before Part I:

Start gathering your list of a minimum of 36-40 things that feed your spirit, awaken your heart, fill you with joy, pleasure and relaxation and/or inspire you.

These are the things you like to do, or experience and connect with:

 What makes you hum?

 What puts you in the zone?

 Go for the Juice!

 Nothing is too small or too insignificant.

Build your list of anything that fills you with energy and bring it to the class with


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