All You Wanted to Know About Our Healing Paradigm But Were Afraid to Ask

The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path is often referred to as the “Wounded Warrior’s Path” by the simple principle that everything we do as an apprentice bring us healing in some form or another. Every time we go into a sweat lodge, every time we do a Flowering Tree Ceremony or our gateway ceremonies. Even when we follow through on our Warrior Techniques of Discipline, we find healing through our gains of energy. There is a constant movement forward that as we evolve, we continue to heal and restore our physical body and our luminosity.

We also have a formal healing process in our Healing Paradigm. We have amazing ceremonies to support those who request a healing ceremony. There is a very elaborate process that we put together to support someone who is seeking healing. There are a variety of designs that can be chosen and within each ceremonial format, there is still the process to design a ceremony specifically to address the symptoms and cause for the person in the center of the circle based on the information in a healing intake.

We can craft the most alchemically elaborate ceremony available using all of our resources, but the key component to the success of any healing is the person in the center of the circle. The person asking for the healing is the determiner who catalyzes their own healing. All the rest of us in the circle are creating the container for the person to do their work for themselves with the support of the powers and all of us who are holding the container.

So when the call goes out, know that even when you come to support the healing circle, adding your energy to the container; part of you will be healed. The exchange is fair. You provide your time and energy and in return you actually gain something you didn’t have before.

Another gain of sitting on a healing circle is that you can learn many amazing things through your experience. There are many layers of medicine and alchemy during a healing that all come together to create exactly the energy needed to transform and heal. We say that we “Sing a person back to the before.” We often open the door to an affliction to learn something and so once we understand what our higher self is teaching us, we can close the door to the symptoms and return to the before.

So when the call comes out looking for participants to sit on a healing circle, know that you can get “on the job” training. Otherwise, the Warrior Spirit Lodge is sponsoring a class to teach all about our healing paradigm on Wednesday night at 7pm at the RPC. If you ever want a healing for yourself you can request a healing intake by emailing or Once the healing intake is completed, the Healing Ceremony can be designed and scheduled.

Come join us on Wednesday night, February 5th, from 7-9 pm and see what we have in store to share about our amazing ceremonies.  RSVP for location.

    • Gede Prama
    • February 6th, 2014

    Simple but meaningful friends, greetings compassion 🙂

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