Balanced Choreography

What a great class we had tonight!  22 people seeking to learn about balanced choreography joined us to learn how we lose energy when we are out of balance, how to recognize when we are out of balance, and how to get back into balance.

We discovered that to live of life of balanced choreography, we must give with our emotions through tenderness, hold and transform energy with our physical body through intimacy, receive with our minds through caring, determine with our spirits through passion and lust (mindfulness in every moment), and catalyze with our life force energy (our chi or prana) through open heart-to-heart communication.  When we are capable of this balanced choreography, we live our lives in elemental balance, and we become open to receive the gifts of happiness, health, humor, hope, and harmony with self, life, and others.

There were many opportunities to laugh at ourselves as we recognized our personal patterns of imbalance, to understand how nature can be our best teacher as we learn about elemental balance, plus tools to help us align with nature to become balanced humans!

Thank you Mary for the beauty you shared with us tonight!!!

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