New Wave of Leadership!

A group of incredible individuals have come together as a team to lead Warrior Spirit Lodge into another phase of beauty and growth.   Take a moment to get to know them below!  Or come meet them in person at the next class or purification lodge.

Hello WSL participants!  My name is Andrea Lore and I have been an apprentice on the SMSD path for 16 years.  I have been deeply touched and changed by the teachings on this path and I am excited to share and grow with each of you over the coming year.  I look forward to meeting each of you as the year unfolds!~ Andrea “Sunlight Dreaming”

Hi! My name is Matt Lore and I have been studying these teachings for a little over 13 years.  I look forward to sharing and exploring these teachings more deeply with you. ~ Matt “Stalking Eagle”

I’m so excited to be part of WSL. I’ve been an apprentice for 10 years now and I love to teach and support others to fine their self empowerment. ~ Sara “Water Bear”

I have been an apprentice on this path for 17 years. Like many of you, I started learning in this Lodge. The foundational teachings within this Lodge have changed who I am. I am very excited to share them with you as you seek to learn and grow! ~ Aleks “Laughing Cougar Woman”

Hi Warrior Spirit Lodge!  My name is Emily Adams, and I began my journey on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path in 2006.  I am inspired to be a part of Warrior Spirit Lodge to discover and learn newly about myself, life and others.
~ Emily “Spiraling Beaver”

My name is Willy Korp.  My Medicine Name is Red Eagle.  I have been a construction worker, a landscaper, roofer, civil engineer, technology manager and businessman. Throughout, my passion has always been, and still is, making friends and building powerful relationships with people.  I have been on the path for 6 years and just love walking this path, and my companions along the way.  I am constantly learning and growing, and life is good. Leadership has always come naturally for me, I just enjoy sharing the beauty and abundance and joy that I find in life. ~ Willy “Red Eagle”

We would like to honor Alli for her open heart space for this Lodge, its teachings, and the many years of service she provided to all those who came to learn.

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