Tue, Jan 8: Creating Balance in 2013 with the She Thoughts

Mauna Kea chill

 The Wheel of the Four Directions is a core teaching that correlated with the She Thoughts becomes a road map for us to understand how to easily stay within BENEVOLENT COMPASSION. The SHE THOUGHTS and connected HE THOUGHTS is a wheel of knowledge that describes specific Vortexes of Energy that guide us back to the “original thoughts of Creation”. 

JOIN US  for the next working with the She Thoughts and connected He thoughts teachings .  Alli will add deeper insight of these very specific energies in each of the eight directions.  Utilizing the Four Directions wheel reminds us how graceful it is to stay in Balanced Choreography. We will leave with an integrated understanding of ways to create balance in daily Life. We direct our focused intent to OVERCOME SELF PITY throughout this new year!

Come be a part of this lively discussion and rejuvenate from this interactive evening!      Take home exciting knowledge that works.

Tue, Jan 8 @ 7p  at the Rainbow Powers Center, Scottsdale  

Class exchange is $10 and RSVPs are appreciated greatly!
Warrior Spirit Lodge Classes are for all Levels of Study

>> RSVP Now or Request More Info

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