Tue, Oct 2: Thriving through Benevolent Compassion part 2B

Mauna Kea chillBENEVOLENT COMPASSION is a free flowing energy that gives with no desire or expectation for return. It is a quality of neutral perception, the ability to care, to see what needs to be seen and do what needs to be done with no attachment whatsoever. 

BENEVOLENT COMPASSION allows one the strength of mind and character to be able to assume authority and take responsibility, but most importantly, it is the key to spiritual accountability. It is the natural expression of your humanity.

In September, Marguerite led us into deeper understandings of our concerns and appropriate actions that will strengthen our Dharmic walk.  We each found our own resolve to become more conscious in our intent for living.

JOIN US  for the actual next installment of Benevolent Compassion teachings.  Alli will guide us through a straight forward excersise on how to create Benevolent Compassion in each of the eight directions.  We will complete class with power packed command statements that will stamp out SELF PITY!

Come be a part of this lively discussion and rejuvenate from this interactive hour!  Take home an exciting practice that works.

Tue, Oct 2 @ 6p  at Sweet Medicine Lodge before the purification lodge

Class exchange is $10 and RSVPs are required!
Warrior Spirit Lodge Classes are for all Levels of Study

>> RSVP Now or Request More Info

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