Tue Apr 3: Renewal of the Natural Self Class & Purification Lodge

This month our class and purification lodge are woven together in a powerful combination as we continue our yearlong theme:
“Walking 2012 through Empowered Choices.”

Ever wonder…
Why do we make clear decisions of intent then slip up with our daily choices?
What makes us feel weak when we know we have so much potential?
How can we gain control of our actions to actualize our desires?

Join us as we discuss how being human makes us stronger and smarter. Come study the “Mistakes Wheel” through a look at the “Wheel of Measure.” See how respecting ourselves allows us to become more of our Natural Self.

Then, take what you learn about yourself into a strong ceremony of purification.

Class participation, $10 please.  There is never a fee for ceremony.
Please follow donation and medicine gift protocol for the purification lodge.
Protocol and a list of things to bring are found on the calendar page.

Class gathering at 6pm in North Scottsdale
Purification Lodge immediately following class at 7pm
First time?  Arrive no later than 5:30pm for orientation

You may also participate in the Lodge even if you do not
attend the class…just let us know when you RSVP.

>> RSVP is mandatory!

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