WSL Ceremonial Weekend: April 25-29, 2012


April 25 –April 29, 2012


Ceremony is an empowering event. Connecting to Spirit in this way pushes one to excellence while allowing deep introspection that brings balance and growth. Engaging in Ceremonial Weekend provides one the opportunity of joining in the heightened experience of a collective energy which expands one’s focus to produce greater change.

Engage in ceremonies from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Gateways 1 through 3.
Monitoring experiences for those furthering their leadership on this Path are possible.

Each participant is responsible for preparing for ceremony.  Please review prerequisite knowledge for each ceremony.  If this is your first ceremony with us, email for more information.  Each participant is responsible for food and drink prior to the beginning of your ceremony.  Please know that we are CAMPING in a primitive setting.  Bring whatever you will need for comfort during the whole time – including layered clothing, sturdy shoes, rain gear, any toiletries, notebook, pens, food & water.  Participants also need to come early enough to set-up their personal camping space before their pre-ceremony meeting.

There is never a fee for any ceremony.
Expenses are shared by participants through a $50 donation.

Ceremonial participants must pre-register by April 11, 2012.
Participants must RSVP and confirm which ceremony they will be doing to receive follow-up information.  RSVPs received after April 11th are subject to availability.

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