Tues Dec 13: The 7 Values of Everything Conclusion & Review

This fall Warrior Spirit Lodge has covered the 7 Values of Everything and overlaid the values with the 10 steps to dharmic intending in order to better understand these rich teachings and provide tools for us to align with chaos, stay out of stress and create productive dharmic patterns in our everyday lives.

This Tues, Dec 13 @ 7pm, we offer our final class to conclude these teachings as well as review all of the 7 Values of Everything explored to date and explore the 8th 9th and 10th steps to dharmic intending including:

  • Creating a Dharmic Life Pattern
  • The Wisdom to Properly Design One’s Hungers, Sexual Hungers & Work Priorities
  • The Ability to Properly Discern A Proper Value Assessment of One’s Overall Self Worth

Class exchange is $10 and RSVPs are required!

We look forward to your presence!

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