Tues Aug 23: Rites of Passage Apprentice Night

For our Summer Apprentice Night on Tues, Aug 23 at 7pm, we welcome Razel Wolf to speak about the gift and value of the Rites of Passage ceremonies in our lives.

What is a Rite of Passage?  Although our ancestors were very tuned into and celebrated the transition times of power in their lives, in our day and age, we tend to be distracted and inundated with many other foci in our life.  The Elders of our Lineage have seen that there is a need for the apprentices, and all the peoples on our planet, to reconnect to the transitions and power times in our lives.  This acknowledgement and celebration brings balance, joy and power into our lives and the lives of those that surround us.

To this end, our Elders have gifted us with an incredible body of Rites of Passage ceremonies that we can engage in throughout our life time.  From conscious conception to 130 years of age, through bondings and separations and many more.  Our evening together will be an exploration of the possibilities that these ceremonies hold for each of us.  These ceremonies are open to all, let’s educate ourselves about them so that the richness they hold can be shared from the one (us) to the many.

About Razel: Razel Wolf has been an active apprentice on this medicine path for 22 years.  Along with teaching Red Lodge, project managing many of the Deer Tribe publications, and working at the front desk as a “maître’d” to the apprentices, she also is involved in teaching children, movement, and creating a healthy, loving relationship with her spouse.  Razel ‘s passion is sharing the joy of her own and other humans’ evolution and growth.

RSVP now for this event! Event exchange is $20.

Open to apprentices as well as non-apprentices.

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