Tues Aug 9: Maori Special Event Alert from New Zealand!

As much as we’re looking forward to discussing the 7 Values of Everything with all of you, we can’t pass up the chance to embrace and welcome the Maori teachings of Atarangi Muru from New Zealand!
Hence, our August 9 class is changed to An Evening of Maori Teachings with Atarangi and Maori Healers from Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Maori Healers became widely known through the work of master teacher Hohepa Delamere, fondly known as Papa Joe and Atarangi Muru Maori Healer.  In 2000 Maori Healers went international when Papa Joe and Atarangi took their healing arts to the world. With each international journey they provided opportunities for other Maori Healers trained by Papa Joe to travel with them. Papa Joe passed over on 21 September 2006.
Knowledge of the special nature of Maori Healers has continued to spread far and wide. Atarangi continues to travel abroad and provide other Maori Healers with the opportunity to share their services at international levels. She is now one of Maoridoms most respected healers.  Her work is deep, unique, uplifting, enlivening and rewarding physically and spiritually. She is an example of the ‘living works’ of ancestral teaching. Read about Atarangi’s young grandson learning Romiromi.
For an authentic Maori bodywork session on August 9 and 10 only, call 602.482.9691.
Don’t miss this very special event! RSVP for Tues Aug 9 at 7pm class now! [If this is your first visit, please inquire about event location address when you RSVP.] ALSO the Maori tradition for such an event is KOHA (donation) which will be gathered in a beautiful pouch and presented at the end.
Watch Atarangi speak about Maori Healing…

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