Tues Aug 9 : The 7 Values of Everything

red flower imageDo you ever wish you felt less at the effect of the fast-paced changes happening in the world? Do you ever wish you just knew what was being demanded of you?

Life brings us challenge to learn and grow. When we understand the rules of engagement, we can traverse the path with more efficiency and more enjoyment!
Our Tues, Aug 9 @ 7pm Warrior Spirit Lodge class is an introduction to the 7 Values of Everything where we uncover the first value of Artistic Originality and begin to explore the road map to the Universe. We will also overlay the 10 steps of dharma and utilize the inner teachings from the Book of Life reading.
This will begin the first of five classes over the coming months which build on each other and are invaluable each on their own. During this series, we will explore each value, the morals of the Universe and delve into each aspect of the world as we know it to see the fabric of alignment with our natural self. Come prepared to explore who your adventurous self really is, and where he/she can take you!
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