Correction for Tues, July 5 @ 7pm Class!

sun sprialOops, pardon our stardust : ) We got a little ahead of ourselves with a post yesterday on the 7 Values of Everything as the class content for July 5.

In fact, this will be the class content beginning Tues, Aug 9 @ 7pm and will kick-off a new series in the coming months. We’ll have more info posted again after the July 15 purification lodge. Stay tuned and feel free to sign up for our RSS feed to have class and event posts automatically delivered to you via email.

Now on to the ACTUAL July 5 class!

Tues, July 5 @ 7pm in North Scottsdale


Complete your summer solstice with a bang! We ride on the energy wave of our collective’s solstice intent to find direction in this stream of Life.

Review & deepen this year’s teachings and ceremony on:
* 5 Movements of the Book of Life
* 7 Arrows of Intent
* 15 Faces of Wealth
* Abundance in Dharma mesa
* Wheel of Abundance

If you want to join in, missed a class or just want more…
Be a part of this very interactive night which will strengthen your knowledge and broaden your vision.

>> RSVP Now and get on track for a smoother journey!

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