Tues June 14: Wheel of Abundance Class & Purification Lodge

Sunset through tree of lifeAs we gear up for our summer solstice celebrations, join us for a special class on the Wheel of Abundance and accompanying Community Purification Lodge on Tues June 14 at 6pm at Sweet Medicine in North Scottsdale.

This is the third of three classes on wealth and abundance where we build on the 15 faces of wealth and last month’s abundance mesa working. We will be discussing this wheel from a 2008 Thunder Strikes teaching on how to walk with more perspective, balance and joy.

At 7pm, our gathering circle will join together  to prepare for our first of three summer purification lodges. We will include the class subject with our full moon and summer solstice intent for the ceremony.

No previous class participation is required. First time sweaters are requested to come at 5:30p. Need to know what to bring for the purification lodge? Click here.

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