Dec 31 Purification Lodge: Bring In A Strong, Aligned New Year!


Join us at our year ending, 2011 new year boosting purification lodge in Phoenix! Gather with family and friends, lose the old and pray for the new.

After the ceremony, we will close the circle with fruit to make time to travel to your next destination safely.

When: 6pm, Fri December 31

Where: Phoenix – email for directions


What To Bring:

  • 2 towels
  • drinking water
  • robe/sarong
  • tobacco gifts (i.e., natural, untreated tobacco such as American Spirit)
  • medicine gift* exchange for fire crew (4) and dance chief

Donations are appreciated to support the upkeep of the purification lodge.

* A medicine gift is a physical gift presented to a person to represent the heartfelt gratitude for the energy exchanged in a ceremony. A medicine gift may be beautiful, utilitarian, edible, or even a currency exchange. It should always reflect the heartfelt gratitude and beauty of giving and receiving.

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