How Did We Become Who We Are? Letting Our True Nature Shine.

Our April-May class series explores the development of our character, and how we are molded, sculpted, and armored from birth through family and societal images and influences, keeping our true nature hidden from ourselves and others. We explore the life patterns we develop that form our character and how to begin discovering our shining natural self.

PLEASE NOTE: this series was changed to begin Thurs, April 22 through June 3. For more info and to RSVP, please email us. Look forward to seeing you in class!

Thursday, April 22: The Book of Life

In this class we explore the spirit’s journey into the physical body. As multi-dimensional beings,  we have come into this lifetime carrying our Book of Life, the script we created that guides our journey within this life. We explore the choices made at birth with our family, how we grew from this place, and how we can now develop our true natural character for the rest of our lifetime.

Thursday, May 6: Your Core Personality

Your core personality is your basic character that Spirit wrote in your Book of Life. This is the blank lump of clay upon which your entire personality and character will be built. In this class we explore the dark side and light side of the three core personalities. You will learn how you are, who you are and get clues about your behavior patterns.

Thursday, May 20: The Moods of Stalking

Our moods of stalking are our attitude and approach and our way of being in the world. They lock us into a pattern of behaviors and ways of processing our life experiences. We choose two moods of stalking in our attempt to fit in and belong. Join us as we continue to explore our spirit’s journey from birth to adulthood.

Thursday, June 3: Overcoming Self-Pity & Self-Importance

Self pity and self importance are the behavior patterns we use in our daily lives to feel better about ourselves and to cover up our low self worth from ourselves and others. These are the masks we wear that hide our true nature from the world. In this class we identify how we fall victim to these patterns every day and learn ways to remove the masks so that we can live authentically free of these self-defeating patterns.

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